About PonicsPal

Introducing PonicsPal , the latest in hydroponics growth management software . This online application simplifies the growth process by allowing the user to maintain ultimate control over their hydroponic grows with powerful growth management & trafficking software as well as email alerts that can be turned on and off at anytime.

Simply enter your plant, reservoir, and system details into the easy to use PonicPal interface. PonicsPal will then email you to notify you of certain events, such as reservoirs due to be flushed. These notification emails help you to keep track of the many repetitious tasks involved with maintaining your hydroponics systems, plants, & reservoirs.

Growing hydroponically can prove to be challenging, especially when you start to involve multiple systems. With regular reservoir flushes, nutrient top offs, and other areas of scheduled maintenance, shouldn’t there be an easier way to manage these tasks?

Get started with PonicsPal in 4 simple steps !

Start by adding a new reservoir, and then simply follow the QST Step by Step Process PonicsPal provides to get your hydroponics system, reservoir, and plants online in seconds!

My PonicsPal Dashboard

The PonicsPal dashboard provides an “at a glance” view of your overall hydroponics grow including:

  • The next 5 plants due to be harvested
  • The next 5 propagated plants due to be planted in a system
  • The next 5 reservoirs due to be flushed
  • The top systems with the highest overall plant count

Once you log into the PonicsPal application you are directed directly to the dashboard. You can also access the dashboard anytime by clicking the Dashboard button in the top menu bar .

Hydroponic System Management

PonicsPal assists in the management of you hydroponics systems with the easy to use system management interface. To access the complete list of all the hydroponic systems, click the Systems button in the top menu bar .

Some of the details of the hydroponic systems reservoirs are also displayed on this page, such as the system’s name, attached reservoir, and current/max plant count.

You can also add new systems by clicking the Add New System link above the list of systems on the Systems page .

Once you select a system from the Systems page , you are directed to that System’s Overview (Screenshot 3). The system’s overview is, as the name would suggest, an overview of the currently selected system. The overview contains various aspects of your hydroponics system including:

  • The system’s ID
  • The system’s name
  • The plants currently planted in the system.

The System Name and Source Reservoir of the Hydroponic System can be edited on this page as well. To make a change, replace the default value in the form fields under the Edit System header with the new values, Then click the Save changes button at the bottom to save the changes.

New PonicsPal User

To register a new user for the PonicsPal application, fill out the form below. Items marked with * are required.
  • letters & numbers only
  • A confirmation email & temporary password will be sent the the email provided above. This temporary password can be changed the first time you log into PonicsPal.
  • Verify you're not a bot by typing the text or numbers in the image into the input box below it.