Hydroponics Management

Hydroponic vegetable Hydroponics is the fast growing science of growing plants without the need for soil. Growing hydroponically has many benefits including increased yields, complete control over environmental conditions, and increased water preservation, among others. Hydroponic farming is quickly becoming a popular method for growing all kinds of plants indoors as well as outside.

Maintaining your hydroponics system involves many repetitive tasks such as flushing / topping of the reservoir and nutrient solutions, harvesting / propagating plants, & other areas of maintenance.

PonicsPal simplifies this process by assisting you in managing many aspects of your hydroponics grow including:

  • Reminders when its time to flush your reservoirs
  • Reminders when it time to harvest / transplant your plants and clones.
  • Set the target pH of reservoirs
  • Manage the flow of your plants from propagation to harvest!

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